For an interior design style that will keep you warm in Winter and cool in Summer, why not try the Mediterranean look for your home?

I have a friend who lives near to me and she totally rocks this style in her house. When I’m there, I feel like I am thousands of miles away.

Indoor design and furnishings

For wall colours, think dirty pink, terracotta, oranges or caramel colours for that Italy/Spain/France/Greece/Morocco feel that will lift your spirits even on a dark, cold and wet Winter’s day.

For layout, open plan lounge/diner is a great way to recapture the openness of a villa or Riad.

Cushions are another great way to nail the style. Silk or satin blends in vibrant colours such as orange or hot pink, thrown on the sofas really give off the Mediterranean bohemian vibe. Also throws of similar material and colour add to the effect too. Feeling retro instead? Replace the mediterranean look with mid century modern style.




Why not upcycle an old wooden bench from a flea market or build your own using leftover wood? This will give that real authentic Mediterranean feel.

Hot DIY Tip:

You can make your own cushions really easily. Just get some fabric and wadding or stuffing from a fabric store, or better yet, upcycle old clothes. Cut two sheets of fabric roughly the size you want, with an inch spare each side for the seam. Sew the sheets together inside out, leaving a gap on one side big enough to comfortably put your fist through, then when you are done sewing, turn your fabric right side out, put your wadding inside until it is full enough, then sew up the gap. And voila, there you have your cushion!

Outdoor space

Having an outdoor space is very important to people living on the Mediterranean, so think white garden furniture, white walls. Wicker furniture is perfect for that Summery effect.French doors opening out into the garden are a really nice touch for that added detail. If you can even open up the space more and get folding doors, so much the better!


Candles are romantic, Mediterranean and so this year! Any will do, but big, thick candles in candle holders will really get the desired effect.

Mosaics and floor tiles

Mosaic tiling is a real novel way to get that Greek look. You can use it not only in your bathroom, but also on coffee tables, kitchen worktops and around a DIY mirror too!

For an authentic-looking cooker splashback, why not use black and white kitchen tiles? Position them on the wall diagonally for a Med Mama’s Restaurant look!

Here is a quick how-to for mosaics:

  • Get your tesserae – your mosaic material! You can use stone, porcelain or glass.
  • Get your mortar and your grout– available from most home improvement stores.
  • Find patterns online – or make your own! You can draw it beforehand or just freestyle as you go along if you are feeling very creative!
  • Mix your mortar, following instructions.
  • Apply the mortar using ideally a small plastic or wooden spatula.
  • Apply your mosaic pieces.
  • Leave it to set – 24 hours indoors, 72 hours outdoors
  • Prepare your grout mix.
  • Apply the grout to the gaps between your pieces, ideally filling those gaps.
  • Give the grout about 20 minutes to set.
  • Cover with varnish to seal your mosaic.

And voila!

Shopping online


hope you find this post useful! Here I’ll be discussing how you can avoid retail costs at stores by shopping online. Enjoy!

Since living on a small budget, I refuse to pay full price for anything unless completely vital. I wait for semi-annual sales, coupons, and huge discount events to stock up on goods for the entire year, ultimately saving me hundreds, at times thousands, of dollars. When making an unexpected purchase, I search for ways to slash the price to avoid paying retail.


Online Shopping – When making a purchase from a website, I always check for coupon codes to use when prompted during payment. provides an updated list of money-saving codes, ranging from free shipping to percentages off the order. Normally, websites allow only one coupon code to be used for each purchase. Some stores offer a free ship-to-store option if the store exists in a nearby area, allowing customers to instead use the percentage off code to save money. If you are new to a website, try signing up for their mailing list. Most stores give new customers an automatic code to use on their first purchase.

Reward Programs – Many stores reward customers for returning by offering a savings system with coupons, points, or discounts. Signing up is usually free, although some stores only give benefits through opening a store credit card. Either way, studying up on each program will give better insight into the available saving options and allows customers to determine the worth of the program based on their purchasing habits. For example, The Body Shop offers a Love Your Body club where members receive ten percent off of every purchase and every dollar spent earns customers one point for their membership, adding up to savings on future purchases. Coupon codes can also be used in addition to the club benefits.

couponsCoupons – Collecting coupons from newspapers and online printing sites allows for huge savings at grocery stores on everyday items like toilet paper, peanut butter, shampoo, and cereal. Clothing stores offer coupons as well, normally sent through emails or available during special in-store promotions. Print these coupons and bring into the nearest store for percentage-off savings. Kohl’s consistently offers fifteen percent discounts through their mailing list that can be used during sale events and on clearance items. Target’s website includes a store coupon area to save money on not only groceries, but also apparel, household décor, and bedding.

Black Friday – Perhaps not the rarest secret in the money-saving game, Black Friday offers massive discounts on highly coveted items during the Christmas season. Big-ticket items include laptop computers, cameras, television sets, and house furnishing items like comforters, rugs, and lamps. If you are planning on making an expensive home purchase, it may be a wise investment to wait until the Black Friday sales in November. End of the year sales also offer great savings on electronics and furniture without having to endure long register lines and fighting through crazed deal shoppers.

Shop the Sales – One of the easiest and most forgotten ways to save money is to shop sale prices at local stores. Most people know the average cost the items they buy on a normal basis. Collect weekly ads or go online to view your desired store’s sale ad to see what is on sale that matches items on your shopping list. When an item is on sale, buy multiples to avoid having to pay retail in the future. If you see an item on sale one week, chances are the same item won’t go down in price again for one to three months, depending on the sale cycle of the store. Stores like Target have sale prices every week that can last weeks, giving customers ample time to stock up on their favorite items at low prices.

farmers-market-photo1Shop the Seasons – Fruits and vegetable account for a large part of a healthy diet, but can be expensive depending on location and if the produce is in season. When your favorite greens and berries go on sale, buy a few extra pounds to freeze for the coming months or prepare in order to last much longer. Canning, preserving, and pickling are not only fun activities for all ages, but also provide fruits and veggies year-round at low prices. In the summer, I make berry jams and pickles, followed by applesauce, pumpkin puree, and cranberry preserves in the fall. Winter means citrus marmalade and frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. Finally, springtime allows for jarred beets, cherry preserves, and frozen spinach and radishes. Also, farmers’ markets often provide produce at lower prices while being fresher and allowing customers to give back to their community.

In the end, saving money is really about knowing what you need and want and learning how to get the best possible price for those goods. With a little preparation and the right timing, you won’t have to pay retail (most of the time).

My First Post!!

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